Tintan’s Pastries was born out of love for baking and love for the Philippines. It was literally a product of the love story between the owners.

Tin was a hobby baker who loves sharing her baked goods to her officemates. When Win tasted them he immediately fell in love with the baked goods… and then with the baker.

After a year of prodding to sell her baked goods in their office, the hobby officially turned into a business when first batch of orders was received on September 2009.

Friends and officemates ordered their baked goods as snacks in the office and also as gifts especially during Christmas season.

Tin and Win both quit their corporate work upon the birth of their miracle son. They started growing their social enterprise with the support of likeminded individuals who believe in uplifting the dignity of the poor through baking.

Today they are working with the amazing women bakers of Gawad Kalinga Baseco.

Tin and Win
Tintan's Pastries Founders


Tin and Win are passionate social entrepreneurs who want to share their love for baking and love for the Philippines.


We bake with love using locally-sourced ingredients and transform them into delicious cookies, cakes, breads and bars.


We want you to be part of the cycle of generosity and love – from sourcing our local ingredients to help our farmers and small market vendors, to uplifting the dignity of our bakers while they bake with love and to your ordering for your gifts or for your personal consumption with your loved ones.

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500 Piña Avenue, Manila (Unit 15)